Traffic Markings LLC specializes in line striping.    We can provide you with a new layout design or restripe your existing design.  Being in such a densely populated area, lane designation and traffic control are very important to our drivers and our pedestrians.  Not only does a painted parking lot bring curb appeal it secures safety by providing direction to drivers.   

We do things like;

and much more.

We can provide the necessary traffic markings to sustain a safe and functional park lot.

Sports Court Painting

Traffic Markings LLC can make your sports dreams happen right in your own backyard.   If you need a new layout or need to update your current paint,  we are your guys!  We can do anything from basketball courts, stripe football fields, soccer fields, pickleball courts, etc.   We can also install the equipment you may need like post and nets. 

Interior warehouse striping

Traffic Markings LLC can provide your facility with markers to designate lanes for machinery and/or personnel.

Traffic Signs

Traffic Markings LLC provides and installs regulatory traffic signs.   All signs meet DOT standards and regulations.  


Wheelstops are important to any parking lot as they provide protection from a vehicle driving past the parking stall.  They alert the driver to stop, preventing the vehicle from driving on to a sidewalk or hitting another car.  At Traffic Markings LLC we provide and install cement or rubber wheelstops.


There are various reasons for our customers to request bollard installation.  Traffic Markings LLC can provide and install any bollard your job requires.


Speedbumps/Speedhumps are vital in providing safety by assisting in speed regulation on your street or business parking lot.    Traffic Markings LLC can provide and install the speedbumps you require.  We can also revive an existing speedbump with a fresh coat of yellow traffic marking paint.

Asphalt Repair

Traffic Markings LLC can repair the asphalt if you have signs of asphalt depreciation, a sink hole, large cracks, or pothole.


Their are multiple reasons asphalt can crack like moisture, climate, poor drainage, and old age.  Moisture will seep underneath the base of the asphalt and freeze which will cause the asphalt to separate.  If not addressed, with time the cracks will continue to get bigger.  Traffic Markings LLC provides crack filling to prevent further cracking in the asphalt.


Sealcoating is recommended to be applied to asphalt every three years.  It protects your asphalt from weather damage and extends the life span.  If you have an older driveway which your thinking of upgrading sealcoating can be a more cost effective option to upgrade the look.    When sealcoat is applied to asphalt, it gives the surface a smooth silky look which updates your curb appeal immediately.    Traffic Markings LLC can provide this service and with products from SealMasters, the leading supplier of commercial sealcoating products, the results come out exceptional.   

 This picture is the "after sealcoat" of  the same driveway above. 

Asphalt Before Sealcoat

Asphalt After Sealcoat

Custom Work

Traffic Markings LLC can customize any project.   Signs, stenciling for pavement, custom paint on pavement or outdoor field.   Let us know and we got you covered.   Checkout the Michael Jordon logo we did for a backyard basketball court.